Maker of pool cues, originally in Phoenix, Arizona,
and from 2003 to present in St. Ignatius, Montana.

 John "Jack" Madden began his first cue building project at the age of 12. He wanted his own cue when playing at the Boys Club because he felt he would win if he had his cue, and he did. That original cue has been lost over time, but playing pool and working with wood has endured for the last 40+ years.

Playing pool was the overriding passion in Jack's life, having played in the local rooms in Phoenix, Arizona. One of theJohn Madden Custom Cues most interesting people Jack had played in Phoenix was U. J. Puckett.  
Twenty-five years later, U. J. saw Jack at a tournament in Reno and said, "Jack Madden, Phoenix, Arizona, 1968."

Jack worked in construction in most of the western United States and found time to travel around and play pool. Jack placed in the World Nine Ball Championship held at Terry Stonier's Jointed Cue in Sacramento, California, when it was invitation only. He was dubbed "The Sacramento Surprise." Jack placed third, behind Keith McCready and Larry Hubbard. Jack also competed and placed in several other tournaments including the US Open 9 Ball and One Pocket Championship tournaments at Barry Behrman's in Virginia.

In the 1960s, Gus Szamboti built Jack a beautiful and playable custom cue with a heart inlay. Jack got the desire to build such fantastic cues himself. His cuemaking started by using a drill motor mounted to the dining room table, for putting on tips and cleaning his shafts. Jack could not find anyone to replace his tips to his satisfaction. In the 1990s, he was at a point in his life that gave him the opportunity to really pursue this long-held desire. He received bonus money from his employer and used it to purchase a 1953 Cincinnati engine lathe. Since then, he has not looked back.
He has continued to acquire the equipment, specialized tooling, and materials needed to build cues. Jack worked evenings and weekends learning to build cues. He turned his obsession into a full-time vocation, and in March 2003 he was accepted as a voting member of the American Cuemakers Association.

In May of 2003, Jack and his wife Beverly moved to western Montana. Jack built his dream one-man shop in the middle of a hay field. He has metal lathes, mill, CNC, dust collection system, spray booth, and the special tooling needed to build custom cues. It gives him more time to design and make one-of-a-kind cues. Jack makes his cues using the finest woods and materials available. Madden cues started with pantographed points, but have evolved to the short spliced recut points that Jack prefers to build. The cues meet the highest standards for quality construction and workmanship, as required for membership in the American Cuemakers Association. The cues also meet another standard, that of the player. Jack's goal is to be the "cuemaker of choice" for anyone buying a stick, by providing his customers with a handmade cue that is customized to their needs and desires and that plays well. Jack was a "player" before becoming a cuemaker, so he knows what a player needs and wants in a cue. John Madden Custom Cues have the "hit." The average order time for a Madden Custom cue is about four months.

John Madden Custom Cues

Madden cues have a "JM" logo in the butt cap. More recently,   Jack has been hand signing his cues.

Madden cues are guaranteed against defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse.