Steve Klein Custom Cues

Maker of pool cues from 1998 to present in Flower Mound, Texas.

Steve Klein decided to become a cuemaker in 1998. He started playing pool as a youngster in Pennsylvania with his cousin who would come and visit for the summer. They would play for hours at end all summer long. His pool playing was put into hibernation by an appointment to the Naval Academy and subsequent career as a Navy Fighter Pilot, only getting to play and be around the game infrequently. His interest in the game was rekindled when his son took up an interest in the game and they purchased a table. Not being around the game for quite a while, he was amazed at the quantity and quality of cues available. Contacting his cousin who had originally gotten him started, he was introduced to the world of custom cues. His cousin had once owned a Balabushka and he became intrigued with the lore and workmanship of these cues.

1997 saw the start of Steve's quest for cue knowledge. While shopping around for custom cues, he contacted Chester Krick. Originally planning on making some decorative cues, Chester spent immeasurable time on the phone and through emails, telling him about how, and more importantly, why, cues are made in particular ways. The more they communicated and interacted, the more Steve became hooked on cuemaking. He decided decorative cues weren't going to be enough. Chester and Steve still discuss cuemaking on a regular basis. Both are always striving to make a better cue.

1998 was the official beginning of Klein Custom Cues. Having already accumulated some of the necessary equipment, Steve contacted Leonard Bludworth and purchased one of Leonard's professional cuemaking machines. Along with the machine he also received the benefit of Leonard's many years of cuemaking, and still continues to talk cuemaking with him to this day.

Preferring to make short spliced as opposed to inlaid point cues, Steve does both veneered and remachined points. Being influenced by both Balabushka and Szamboti, the majority of his cues are of classic design, emphasizing maple, ebony and ivory. That being said, he occasionally will produce a CNC artistic cue. His cues are either signed or have the Klein Cues logo of an "S" superimposed over a "K" engraved in the butt sleeve. All cues are finished with a hand-rubbed, three-part urethane finish.

Currently, Steve makes around 50 cues a year and will continue to do so until retiring from his airline career, when he envisions production peaking at around 100 cues a year.