Judd Custom Cues

Maker of pool cues from 1989 to 1998 in Riverside, California
and from 1998 to present in Yellow Jacket, Colorado.

Judd Custom CuesGarland C. Fuller was born and raised in Marshall, Arkansas and moved to southern California at the age of 15. He played pool for most of his life, learning from his father, an Arkansas player nicknamed "Spot." After serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam (where he acquired his nickname) Judd moved to Colorado to start logging. Eventually, he started a repair shop for logging trucks. During that time, Judd began doing cue repairs. He was in a small town and learned to work on his own cues by necessity, and soon he was doing work for others. Judd and Trudy met in 1988, and shortly put their lives on hold when Trudy's eldest son was involved in an auto accident and suffered a severe head injury. They moved to Riverside, California in the hopes of finding the best medical services for him. Judd started fooling with cues after hours at his place of employment while Trudy was busy in hospitals. Judd made his first cue on an old 1950s "brut" lathe at 600 RPMs. Judd was instantly hooked on cuemaking and purchased a lathe for their home. He began making cues for sale in 1989.

Although his first cues are unmarked, Judd started engraving "Judd" in silver followed by the two-digit year of completion on custom cues starting in 1991. Early hustler cues had "Judd" branded on them until 1992, when he started engraving it on them. Recent cues are easily identified by the hand signature "Judd Fuller" followed by the two-digit date in black script on the forearm. One-of-a-kind and custom cues have various colors of script and placement or signature by request. Judd cues have a unique look, usually with long, thin, sharp points without veneers. Multicolored points are achieved with concentric splices. Inlay designs and wood combinations are tastefully chosen for their aesthetic appeal.

Judd introduced a line of cues in 1994 and uses these designs as a starting point for further creativity more than anything. In June of 1998, Judd and Trudy returned to Colorado to be closer to old friends and family. Judd now has a much bigger shop in which to work in Yellow Jacket, the place where he and Trudy met. Today, Judd makes 60-100 cues a year. All work is done by hand without the aid of computers, with playability stressed as the most important factor.

If not satisfied, Judd's Custom Cues offers a money-back guarantee minus shipping on any newly received Judd's cue that is returned in new condition. Judd's cues are guaranteed for life to the original owner against construction defects that are not the result of warpage or abuse.