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SINCE  1993
Your Educated Buying Source Worldwide for Exotic Billiard Cues & Unique Cue Cases

INDY Q SHOP - Your Educated Buying Source Worldwide for Exotic Billiard Cues and Unique Cases
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Roy Malott
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Order Options:

An Order for Cues, Pool Cues, Custom Cues, Billiard Cues can be placed by Email, Telephone and/or Fax.

Discount Pricing;


Indy Q Shop will always offer the most competitive and discounted pricing in the World of Billiards on Cues, 
Pool Cues, Custom Cues and other Billiard Merchandise in stock.
Cancellation Policy: Any credit card order cancelled prior to shipping is subject to a 5% non-refundable service fee.

Payment Options:

All Sales are payable in U.S. Funds Only.

Domestic U.S. 
Buyer Options

Buyer Options:



At Indy Q Shop you will find the most competitive cue pricing for Cue (s), Pool Cue (s), Custom Cue (s) and Cue Cases.  Indy Q Shop reserves the right to change any pricing without notice because of unforeseen price adjustments. Prior to shipping of any Cue, Pool Cue, Custom Cue or Cue Case purchases, customers will be notified of any price changes.


A) If there is an interest in trading in a select pool cue(s) toward a new cue purchase at an equal or greater value, please e-mail  INDY Q SHOP at:  and/or call Roy Malott at: 317.780.0042.

B) For a trade in value to be determined, your cue(s) must be shipped to INDY Q SHOP, 2608 S. Madison Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46225 for an appraisal. Call or e-mail before shipping any cue(s) for the purposes of photography services and/or an appraisal trade-in evaluation.

C) After this trade-in value is determined INDY Q SHOP will contact you with this information. This value may then be 
accepted or declined. If this value is declined, the cue(s) will be returned by Federal Express Delivery Services at the full expense of 
INDY Q SHOP within the following 2 Business Days, 48 hours. U.S. Customer Policy.



Federal Express is the primary carrier used for the delivery of your new merchandise and/or the return of items. Many times the charges for shipment of a new pool cue(s) and/or cue case will  be $20 or less throughout the United States. Free Federal Express Shipping may be included in your purchase price.

International Shipping ... These charges are to be determined by the shipping address. Additional shipping options are available and those charges would be determined and added to the total purchase price.

U.S. Postal Express Mail Delivery ... A little slower but very reasonable shipping and handling charges.

Insurance Disclaimer:
It is strongly recommended that all buyers, sellers and/or individuals add insurance coverage for the value of the merchandise and/or items.  You are responsible for asking for your items to be insured at an additional charge to you. If your option  is to not insure your item purchased, Roy Malott and/or INDY Q SHOP cannot be held responsible for damages and/or loss incurred during shipping. If your purchase is damaged or lost in shipping and full insurance coverage was obtained,  INDY Q SHOP, Roy Malott,  will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Upon resolution with the carrier, the purchase  will be replaced and/or refunded at the discretion and option of  INDY Q SHOP for the merchandise price. If the item was purchased by credit card, a 5% merchant fee will not be refundable. 



Your item(s) will always be packed to the best of our abilities using the highest quality materials resulting in the finest protection available. If there is visible damage to your package upon delivery, this should be brought to the  attention of the carrier personnel. If there is damage found when the package is opened, then a claim with the carrier will need  to be filed immediately, and notification made to INDY Q SHOP of this issue and/or claim if insurance was an added option  with your items. INDY Q SHOP will be happy to assist in this procedure as warranted.
Cue Guarantee:


A Return Authorization Number for any cue exchange is required prior to the return of a cue purchased. This  Authorization Number is simply obtained by calling INDY Q SHOP, Roy Malott, at: 317.780.0042. 

Wrong Item Received: 
INDY Q SHOP works hard to avoid a shipping error. Since March of 1993, INDY Q SHOP has only had one shipping  error made. That mistake was quickly and easily corrected with an exchange of merchandise. If needed simply notify INDY Q SHOP of the error. A pick-up order will be requested for the return, and the corrected item will then be shipped back to you at no additional expense.

Exchange Policy: A) The Exchange period is up to 48 hours after receipt of your purchase. If an exchange is desired, INDY Q SHOP must be notified of this request within the 48 hour evaluation period of time. After the 48 hour evaluation period of time has expired no exchange of a cue purchased can be authorized. U.S. Customer Policy.

B) Your cue, cue case and/or other billiard merchandise  purchase may be exchanged up to one time for another cue of equal or greater value. If the value of the new 
cue is more expensive than the original cue being exchanged, the added charges are to be paid prior to shipping. 

C) The cue must be returned in the same New Original Condition as it was received. Your New Cue purchase may not be chalked.  A reasonable 48 hour test evaluation period applies.  If there is any damage noted to the cue being returned for exchange, the cost of any repair plus a 10% handling fee will be deducted from your purchase price. There will be NO deductions for defects noted as flaws caused by the cue maker in the construction of the cue. Any additional return and/or shipping charges to be paid by you, the buyer, seller and /or individual.

D) After authorization for an exchange the item and/or merchandise being returned must be received within the following 3 Business Days. 

E) Return shipping costs for exchange are the responsibility of the buyer. Insured Shipping is strongly recommended but not  required. If insurance is not purchased for shipping you are responsible for any damage and/or loss. 

F) Any cue that is Sale Priced, Discounted, Clearance Priced, Pre-Owned, Repaired, and/or Sold As Is
may not be exchanged.  If there is an authorized exchange noted a 20% restocking fee will apply to cover time and handling services.  Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges.

Return Deliveries: Shipping Charges are non-refundable.


The information in this document has been reviewed and is believed to be accurate. However, neither INDY Q SHOP. nor its affiliates assume any responsibility for inaccuracies, errors, and/or omissions that may be contained herein. In no event will INDY Q SHOP or its affiliates be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, and/or consequential damages resulting from any defect and/or omission in this document, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

INDY Q SHOP reserves the right to make improvements or changes to this document and the products and/or services described at any time, without notice and/or obligation. This information applies to the continental United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and/or all other areas of the world unless specifically stated otherwise.
2003 INDY Q SHOP, All rights reserved.

Privacy Policy:


ndy Q Shop
will not share your personal information with any one.

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