Bill McDaniels Custom Cues
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Beautiful Bill McDaniels Fancy Ivory Inlaid Six Point Cue; Stainless Steel 5-14/16 Joint; 2 Shafts

Bill McDaniels Really Created A Winning Combination In This Cue; Featuring Six Points Of Cocobolo Into Birdseye Maple Forearm; Solid Cocobolo Buttsleeve; Each Point Features One Ivory (6) Diamond Inlay At Base Of Each Point; Unique Ivory Inlay (6) With Ebony Veneer Separated By Oval (6) Configuration With Ebony Veneer; Three Fancy Index Rings With Silver And Ivory Dogbone Inlays (18) At Buttcap, Above And Below Wrap; Black Phenolic Ring With Silver Ring At Joint And Shaft; Irish Linen Wrap; Black With Double White Speck; White Phenolic Buttcap With McDaniels Logo Engraved; Stainless Steel Joint; 3 Piece Custom Made Joint Protector Set; 2 Shafts; One Shaft Very Lightly Played, One Shaft Brand New; Big Savings.